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Full Version: Forum Changelog
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So it seems our Username Change Approval, Limit and History plugin had a file missing for whatever reason, and said plugin was also due for an update. So, I updated it. Hopefully there should be no errors about it now.

As a reminder, you can change your nickname only once every 365 days. Please take this into consideration when choosing a nickname.
Forum database has been optimized, hopefully this will result in a smoother forum operation and less downtimes.
So apparently back in August when I tried to fix something, I tripped our Username Change plugin and the change limit got reset to 6 hours... That was most definitely not intended, especially because certain people are still abusing this privilege left and right.

That said, a few of you have remarked way back that a 1 year limit is way too long for a nickname change, so I changed it to 6 months (4380 hours) instead.
It has been brought to my attention that the reCAPTCHA shown during the user registration procedure has been broken and not working, requiring an upgrade.

I figured out how to do this myself and upgraded it accordingly, so it should be working again. I also hope this will cut down spambots somehow. Maybe. If.
Made some edits to the Dark 1.8 theme to make certain aspects more readable.

- The X users like bar color is dark now
- Current page number is a brighter blue now
- Changed link colors to be a brighter blue
- Changed the post date and edited by texts from a darker grey to a brighter color
- Changed the post area to a slightly brighter grey
- Changed the "Please correct the following errors" box from bright yellow to a darker yellow
- For staff members, soft deleted posts show up with a dark red coloring rather than bright purple

I don't have the skills to overhaul the entire theme, but if there's anything else that's causing readability issues, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.
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