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Full Version: The Organization Is Looking For Web Progammers
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Web Programmers with Experience in:
- Javascript
- One Scripting Language (php, C++, etc.). php is preferable.
- At least some grasp of CSS. It does not need to be as good as the above 3.

The Organization is looking for persons with:
- Regular time to set aside and can be easily communicated
- Willing to work with others

Please PM to get in contact. Wages will be discussed after conversing.
If only I had paid more attention in web design-class, I would totally have applied. I know the basics of all the above languages, but I don't have much experience working with them.
Would the web designing be done through Adobe Dreamweaver, or would you want it constructed in a programme like Notepad? I don't have any work experience in it, but I did it in GCSE and A Level, and i'm currently doing it at university.