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Full Version: Possible Site Downtime on September 3
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Hi everyone!

Our host has informed us that there will be maintenance on the hypervisor (see explanation here) our site is on, resulting in network connectivity loss for 2-5 minutes. The expected window for the maintenance is the following:

Maintenance start: 2015-09-03 01:00 UTC 

Maintenance end: 2015-09-03 08:00 UTC 

From what I understand, during this time frame, the site might be down for a few minutes (might take longer, but minimizing downtime is an aim here), then running again.

So if you see the site going under without warning, please don't be alarmed. Smile
Dun care. Still hitting my panic button.
To be clear, the downtime is only 2-5 minutes for the maintenance process, but it is happening multiple times during a 7 hour period? So it adds up to a 7 hour downtime?
I think the maintenance for the entire server happens during those 7 hours, and during said period will be down for 3-5 minutes when they get to the part where the site is located/hosted.