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Full Version: Site Donations Open: Announcing our Patreon Page
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Grrr.. I finally had the time to check if I can donate with my Maestro Card. Turns out it doesn't seem to be the case, since my card doesn't have a CVC2 code.
I have a question. Does this thing have some sort of IBAN number or something, which I can use to transfer different amount when I can from my own bank account? I mean....I go to the bank, give the number and the money and they just transfer it. Well, first I need to exchange the local currency in dollars, because in my country we do not work with either dollars nor euro. But yeah....sorry if the question is stupid, but this paypal and patreon stuff really confuses me.
Dang, I'm sorry to hear that, Belmot. Sad

Lia: No question is stupid, no worries. Smile

You can donate in any currency, which will be converted to dollars:

It doesn't sound like IBANs are supported, only credit cards and Paypal.

These might be worth checking out if you guys have questions about the pledge process:

Also, you can make a one-time payment if that'd be better for you guys. Although steady money flow is more reliable, if you can afford it.

As a reminder, we await suggestions as to what to provide to Patrons on the forum:

So far, Patrons get a nice orange username and a private subforum to chat in. Feel free to make suggestions so we can make that donation worth it. ^^
(10-12-2015, 08:10 AM)Arynis Wrote: [ -> ]It doesn't sound like IBANs are supported, only credit cards and Paypal.

Damn, I have neither of these. =_=' I'll look around to see what's the deal with Paypal though. Might think of something.
You can link bank accounts to PayPal, if that helps:
This forum has been great to me from the moment I registered, I'm glad to be finally able to do something for you guys.
Thank you so much Gian! Big Grin Usergroup change done. ^^
Alright, it can be said that we have fully sorted out everything, so our site is finally paid for and such via the Patreon money. <3

I'd like to go over again what would you guys prefer starting next month. Would you like the $10 server upgrade, or would you prefer to stick to the $5 hosting and focus on paying back to Shadowfang?

I know Mana requested the $10 server option, IIRC, but I'd like to hear more feedback.
I think, as long as we don't have too many critical down times, we could stick to the 5 € option to pay ShadowFang back. We are sort of indebted to his purse and patience Smile
It wasn't really a request, just a passing comment to go with my donation, haha.

I'm a little torn on what to suggest if I'm honest. Paying back Shadowfang is definitely important but there's been a few downtimes in the past month from the server load. If you're confident that the downtime won't be frequent or troublesome, definitely pay Shadowfang back.

It might also be an idea to keep some of each month's donations in a "pot" of sorts, just so that there's something to fall back on if something arises that requires those costs. E.g: patrons dropping their funding because they can't afford it each month. Just an idea.
The fortunate thing about the downtimes is that it's not the whole site going down (e.g., 50X error), but MySQL dying. Assuming me or Shadowfang are around when it happens (and IIRC it happens only on Sundays thanks to Arc-V), it can be restarted in just a minute or two. If it happens again, we can just restart it again, no sweat. (From my experience it doesn't happen more than 2-3 times per Sunday.)

My main concern personally is that once we switch to the $10 server option, we cannot downgrade. So if Patrons drop out and we can't afford $10 for that month (and this is after fees and stuff), NAC is done for. Also, Shadowfang informed me there's the matter of the yearly domain fee too, which we ought to save up for. So I think sticking to $5 might be better, at least for the time being. The more reserve money for hosting/paying back/other shiz, the better, after all. Shadowfang will draft a budget for us so there are no surprises.
Just discovered what all these orange names meant (yeah slowpoke) and jumped on the bandwagon.

I like this site, news, come often for anime, news, or video games section. Seemed normal for me to help.
Sorry for the delay, I added you to the Patreon usergroup. Thanks a bunch! Smile
(09-29-2015, 04:09 PM)MorningMoon Wrote: [ -> ]Im ultra paranoid of using my card after the 24th so imma wait till the 6th to chip in, that said i will probably only pitch in for a year.

So yeah, pitched for a while but that's that. Hope the money helped Smile
That's alright. Thank you very much for your donations and support, Moon! ^^ It's appreciated and it did indeed help.
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