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New BBCode added! - Arynis - 11-09-2012

I added some new BBCode to the forum in hopes of enhancing everyone's posting experiences.

Introducing [sup]superscript[/sup] and [sub]subscript[/sub].

The code for those two are:


You may also click the sub and sup buttons above the message area.

If you ever need it, you now can break your posts with a line such as this:


The code is simply the following, you don't have to add anything else to the tag:


You may also click the line button above the message area.

Furthermore, the old spoiler tag system has been retired and replaced with a new, better spoiler tag! Here's an example:

The code for it is the following:

[spoiler="Your hidden text goes here, click me"]This is hidden text![/spoiler]

Take note you must include the quotation marks after spoiler=, or else the tag won't work! Click the spoiler= button above the message area, but note that you need to add the quotation marks yourself! Basically it nets you this:


See the difference? Make sure to preview your post to see if the tag works okay!

That is all for now, enjoy! If you have any questions or requests, post in the thread!

Re: New BBCode added! - Geno - 11-10-2012

Oohh, I like that new spoiler tag.

Re: New BBCode added! - a-hole - 11-10-2012

Neato spoiler! ^_^

The other stuff might come in handy, too.

Re: New BBCode added! - Lia - 11-15-2012