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2012 End of Year Survey - NeoArkadia - 12-27-2012

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If you guys wouldn't mind filling this out if you have time, it would be lovely. It's an 18 Question Survey, to help improve the forum. Please be honest, but keep your answers polite and civil. I will not know who answered what or how, so you should have a shield of anonymity

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask in the thread or PM me about it.

I'll give the survey about a month or so, depending on how quickly answers dry up.

Thank you for participating, and please continue to enjoy your stay here.

Re: 2012 End of Year Survey - Arynis - 01-01-2013

It's been just a few days and we already have 50 submitted surveys! I didn't think we'd have so much feedback in so little time. Keep it up guys! You know what they say, the more the merrier!

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Re: 2012 End of Year Survey - Arynis - 01-27-2013

We have begun analyzing and processing the answers submitted. Anyone who fills the survey from this point on will not be counted in the statistics and the discussion of the feedback.

Thanks to everyone who filled the survey! You were a great help!

Re: 2012 End of Year Survey - NeoArkadia - 01-27-2013

Specifically I've banned further answering. SO.