Hiring New Staff!
Okay, guys, due to several staff members stepping down, we need a couple more moderators to help run the forum so the Administratorss aren't doing everything. We're looking for people with time, energy and community enthusiasm willing to step forward and help keep this forum a friendly and useful place. Those of you interest will need to fill out the following application and send it to me via PM!


1. What is your Forum Handle?
2. What Position Do You Wish To Apply For? (Global Mod or Moderator of the Zexal Anime Forum)
3. What is your Age?
4. What is Your Time Zone?
5. Any previous experience?
6. Are you a bad enough dude to save the President?
7. Why do you want to be part of the staff?
8. Do you have enough free time to be reliable? Are you committed to the forum by actively participating as a staff member?
9. Are you willing to communicate with fellow staff members?
10. If so, how can fellow staff members communicate with you outside the Forum?
11. What do you consider to be punishable behavior on a forum?
12. Would you reprimand another staff member if they did something wrong?
13. What would you say your greatest weaknesses as a moderator would be?
14. Do you have anything additional you wish to say?

And just like at school, the work and quality you put into your answers count, guys!
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