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[URGENT] NAC Hosting Issues - We need YOUR Feedback!
Ugh....I would LOVE to donate for a site where most of my friends are....but money continues to get kiiiiinda tight around here atm.

How much toes 60 Euros translate to U.S. dollars?

AЯynis Wrote:lol, Shadowfang isn't German though. You're mixing him up with a certain someone else, perhaps? <!-- sTongue --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/NAC_Smiley_Pack_Default/tongue1.gif" alt="Tongue" title="Tongue" /><!-- sTongue -->

2 months isn't too much time unfortunately. We'll try to explore our options further during this time.
Whoops, my bad. Noooo, I wasn't confusin' him w/ He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named; I was just wrong on where he's from (I know it's SOMEWHERE in Europe).
Hitotsu ni, hitotsu ni,
Hitotsu all the waaaaaaay,
Oh what fun it is to ride

G(M)FC = Geebus (Mother)Fucking Chrysler, in case anyone gets confused....because apparently it also stands for something else I'm not gonna mention. X/

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