Forum Move and Donation System Starting Next Month
ЯeΛɘrzɐႨ Wrote:Won't Ad's cause double dipping profit problems with the download forum and cause Shushy to go all c/d n NAC?!

The ad concern was based on a one-time source we couldn't reach again. It's not just ads though, it's also donations - though at this point, we'll just have to take the risk, since the alternative is NAC going down, period.

~Mana~ Wrote:I'd imagine not. MyBB does have a Tapatalk plugin which enables usage of the app with the forum the plugin is installed on. Though, at the moment, a recent Tapatalk app update has broken MyBB support and is being fixed.

That's kind of unfortunate. Hopefully it will be fixed ASAP then.

fvcody Wrote:This whole transfer doesn't mean we will be moving to a new domain right? We will still be at the same address?

Also donation perks (Just little things) would be fabulous. More donations = less ads.
If you do result to ads, spammy ads....

Same domain, different host/server. There will be a redirect involved and DNS transfer will take a while too.

We'll be thinking of perks for the system. And as Ark noted, the ads would be as non-intrusive as possible if we were to have them.
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