IAmA - I am the sysadmin who moved your forum. AMA!
*crawls out from under the damp sysadmin rock*

First of all, thank you all for your patience and support during this forum move.
Your staff has spent an enormous amount of time and effort getting things up and running again!

As you might know, the phpBB3 forum was using up a lot of resources, requiring us to pay for a really expensive server.
The myBB forum allows for easier upgrades, more stable plugins and a lot more performance.
Now we are running the system in something the equivalent of an eighties calculator and it's still fast.

Briefly scanning through your questions I have compiled this FAQ-type list.
Feel free to ask if something is not on the list, I will edit this post as more stuff gets fixed (or broken, for that matter)

Forum availability
- We have opened up the search, which was completely unusable in phpBB3 (it basically blocked forum access for everyone while a search was done)
- We have enough resources to open the forum read-only for non-members

- Your password might not work. Resetting your password should fix this
- Mail from the forum might end up in the spam folder, as we now use a gmail account
- The forum redirects to, as we are having some issues getting our domain name pointing to the right place. Within a few weeks this will be back to neoarkcradle.net
- Avatars are a different size, I tried converting them, but they get all skewed
- If you have some heirloom avatar that has been in the family for centuries and can't be found anymore, let me know and I'll try to dig it up from the backups
- I am really disappointed the downtime was not used to sleep or go outside

- [spoiler] and [url] BBCodes have been fixed
- [strike] is still not fixed everywhere, but is on my TODO-list
- Postlinks and smileys look like poop. This needs to be fixed in the database and requires an extensive amount of testing to make sure none of your prose gets zapped in the process.

- Tapatalk is upgraded to work with the new forum
- A pretty picture is still missing (as it was with the old forum)
- If tapatalk does not work, log in again, your old credentials are linked to the old forum

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