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What is the Download Forum?
A section of the Forum for materials uploaded onto a Cyber Locker or similar service. The materials linked here must be Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cardfight!! Vanguard or Future Card Buddyfight related. This could change in the future if a new chief focus for the forum is found (as in another franchise/series), so no Bleach/et al, shenanigans. While materials are accessible here, please do support the creators by buying and legally watching the actual products if you have the time and opportunity!

How do I access the Download Forum?
You must register to the forum as a User.

Rules for the Download Forum
1. This section is only for Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cardfight!! Vanguard and Future Card Buddyfight. Anything else is strictly prohibited.
2. All direct downloads must go here. It's alright to do it once or twice outside here, but after that, warnings and punishments will be applied.
3. Please do not share these links through Private Messages.
4. Please do not post any links outside the Download Forum. It makes things disorganized and makes the section useless.
5. Making requests is fine, but please be patient, and avoid flaming, trolling, or harassing if it isn't fulfilled quickly. Uploaders are humans, not mongrel upload slave gorillas.

How to not get access to this forum
Be a ban evader. Be a Bot selling bad shoes and cheap pr0n.

Failure to follow these two requests is the fastest way to provoke the wrath of Kuriban, the forum's banhammer.
Ark Links To Stuff
Duel Academy R:2, a Yu-Gi-Oh! RPG || Arkadia Works || The Organization || Lapse (A Webcomic)

If you didn't have such strong ideas about where the story should go, you wouldn't end up so disappointed when the writers have other ideas.

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