Forum Move and Donation System Starting Next Month
Hi everyone!

This post serves as a summary, clarification and continuation of this announcement, more or less:
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After roughly 4 years, it came to that NAC can no longer function with its current hosting, which costs Shadowfang roughly 60+ euros (~$68+). Starting next month, in order to reduce such costs, we are moving to another service. Furthermore, we're ditching phpBB as a forum software and going to migrate MyBB. Not only it has more and better tools for us staff members, but we also feel the software would be more user friendly to members as well. Some of the changes to expect, good and bad:

- Avatar sizes will be scaled back to 150 x 150.
- Custom usertitles are once again available!
- Better themes. PhpBB's themes intervene with mods, which made proper theme and mod choice a pain in the ass. We are hoping the theme we picked for MyBB will be more for your liking!
- Better moddability.
- BBCode will break horribly, including video tags and signatures, especially links. I advise everyone to redo their signature and back up their link heavy posts and redo those as well once the code is sorted out.
- A better infraction system which should allow us to dish out offenses more fairly (i.e., offenses have different levels of severity now) instead of every offense being equal on a strike based system.
- The current banner will unfortunately not be on the MyBB themes, because we've yet to figure out where we could insert the banner. I'm the only staff who's more technically minded barring Shadowfang, but unfortunately I'm not too good with CSS.

For us staff, the benefits are the following, for the sake of transparency:

- More settings in the ACP to customize the forum and permissions better.
- The aforementioned warning system.
- Modding with MyBB seems to be better and not as pain in the ass as phpBB. While we still don't want to go mod-happy for the sake of stability, we do have a little leeway now on what we can do and do not.

Furthermore, the forum will be running only on donations from this point (unless someone offers to be a sugar daddy/mommy), which makes everyone's help important and valuable. Our estimated hosting cost won't be too high for starting out (~$15), so that goal hopefully won't be that hard to reach. Without money to pay the hosting, NAC will shut down and we won't be able to provide you information or grounds for discussion. If we end up with excess money, we will use that for future hosting costs, as well as paying back to Shadowfang, as he's done a lot for us by paying out of his pocket to keep the site up.

This should not affect the download forum, it will be available as before.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about the move, MyBB, the hosting or any other changes please don't hesitate to post here. We're willing to hear out everyone.
If you need to get in touch with me, please seek me out in the NAC Discord.


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