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Policies regarding forum operation go here.

Private Message Policy
No staff members are capable of accessing your Private Messages, including the Administrators. The forum software by default does not allow for reading Private Messages from the Administration Control Panel. The forum has no plugins installed designed to access the users' Private Messages from the Administration Control Panel or by any other means. Private Messages can only be read from the forum database itself, to which only Shadowfang has access, which he will not read unless necessary. If serious allegations are levied against you, we insist on the ability to check out the offending messages to make a fair judgment. These include any offense listed in the rules that would be punished by a permanent ban, anything that is a violation of actual law (e.g., child pornography), or mass-spamming in Private Messages. Furthermore, Private Messages may be reported by the recipients, in which case the entire staff can view the offending message(s) in the Moderator Control Panel.

Policy On Lolicon, Shotacon, and Child Pornography
Due to our covered anime series featuring underage characters, and the definition of "Child Pornography" varying country by country, any form of Lolicon and Shotacon is absolutely forbidden. This is due to the availability of our forum, the diverse nationality of the memberbase and many diverse and highly severe international laws related to the subject. In some countries even images stored in the Temporary Internet Files folder counts as possession in their books, and that could get people in legal trouble. Furthermore, there may be members on the board or visitors viewing the forum who may find the topic disturbing and make them feel uncomfortable. Therefore, we will keep the public image of the forum into consideration.

Do not post images or written material on the public forum or in Private Messages depicting obviously underage characters in a suggestive or sexual context. Do not try to justify or enable this behavior, we don't allow it, end of story. Do not try or allude to exchanging such content in Private Messages, as we are willing to check your Private Messages as part of the Private Message policy. First time offenders will receive a warning and have the their offending post(s) deleted. Repeated offenses will result in a ban.

On Policy Updates
The rules and the policies may be altered in terms of content or be redefined at any time to keep the forum and a safer and better place for our members. Whenever a change is made, an announcement will be posted for every member to see. If this happens, please take your time to read the revised or additional content.

Last Revised
17th of June, 2015
If you need to get in touch with me, please seek me out in the NAC Discord.

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