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Shouldn't they release a new trailer by now? April the first is not that far away.
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Lol So the Goha president is literally a masked man in a black cloak. Sounds about right for the angle their going with, although a suit with some kind of unique tie would’ve made more sense from a company perspective.

Why do I get the feeling that he’s one of those “mask always on regardless of what he’s wearing, but everyone carries on like he’s not wearing one” kind of characters that when he duels the MC throws off his cloak revealing he’s wearing nothing more than a “G” branded speedo... Awesome Cookie Monster
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Yeah nothing sinister about him.
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Any chance the robot will be A.I?
(Yesterday, 07:54 AM)Ventus Wrote: Any chance the robot will be A.I?

Do you mean Ai as in has artificial intelligence? or Ai from VRAINS. If you meant the latter then lol no.
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Ai from VRAINS. Why did the hint like robot Yuga was creating is somebody we already know?
Eh, the robot will probably be Yuga’s personal Obomi/Orbital 7/Roboppy and help him or whatever. The crossover is not happening, they would’ve said so if that was the case. Some could counter this with ‘maybe they’re saving it as a surprise for when the series airs’ but it’s very unlikely. Nothing has even been said about Den City existing in the Sevens world. And the studios have changed, YuGiOh is taking a new direction in that regard, so yeah. Honestly, I’m baffled as to why fans still think the ending of Vrains hinted at a crossover. Personally, I didn’t think so back then but it held water as an argument cause the new series wasn’t announced yet, but now it’s just a pointless argument.

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