On Showing Interest
We may be entering a bit of a grey period regarding Yu-Gi-Oh! anime media with the announcement of the current lack of Rush Duel product being announced for the west.

If you would like to make it clear you are interested in such things being brought over, let me suggest the following:

E-Mail Konami Cross Media at:
info at yugioh dot com

Tweet them on Twitter:

Comment/Message them on Facebook:

Tweet Crunchyroll on Twitter:

Comment/Message them on Facebook:

Cursing and hot tempered comments are not recommended, and may be toxic to any potential cause.

As to the TCG side of matters:

E-Mail at:
us-cardsupport at konami dot com (For North/South American Folks)

yugioh at konami-europe dot net (For European and Australian Folks)

And tell them you would like to see Rush Duel/Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS related product

For US/SA Folks, Tweet them at:

For UK/AU Folks, Tweet them at:

For UK/AU Folks, Comment/Message them on Facebook:

For US/SA Folks, Comment/Message them on Facebook:

Remember, civility helps.

Keep politely pressing on the matter. Show regular interest, but not to the point of harassment. Make it clear there is interest in both the show and its accompanying product over seas.

And remember do not use insulting language or curse at these people. Polite civil comments go a long long long way.
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