Chapter 3: The Cursed Man
English translation is out!

Luke vs Romin rush duel to lift the curse...?
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I may check this out soon.
Jack Atlas Wrote:The ruler’s heartbeats will now file through here! Take witness to its creation-shaking power! Synchro Summon! My very soul, Red Dragon Archfiend!
Rend the obsidian darkness! Scorch Heaven and Earth! Isolated, absolute King! Glare at all creation and display you ferocious might!! Synchro Summon!! Jeweled Enma Dragon - Red Archfiend!!
The Ruler’s roar will now shake Heaven and Earth itself! Carve in your soul the power of the one and only supreme ruler! Synchro Summon! My Raging Soul! Red Dragon Archfiend Scar-Right!

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