Chapter 13: The Ant-ertainment Man

Luke vs Jango. The post from peperoncino says they think this arc will lead to Galient's invasion.

New cards:

Lightbringer Dragon
Activate by sending (your hand? or 1 card from your hand?) to the GY. Your opponent reveals 2 cards from their hand and returns them to the top of the Deck, also, your opponent takes 200 damage.

Chaotic Cylinder Slot
Your opponent draws 3 cards. If all 3 cards were monsters, you can Special Summon 2 monsters with the same ATK from your GY.

Ant of Justice (EDIT: Realized this is a pun on "Ally of Justice", no idea how to adapt it tho')
Draw 1 card.

Brilli-Ant Draw
Draw 3 cards, and the ATK of all Insects on your field increase by 200 for each drawn Ant. Shuffle the drawn Ants back into the Deck.
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I see the manga is already doing the usual 'make impossible archetypes' with ants.
We can't stop here! This is Bat Country!
Thanks for the RAWs, Zane!

(10-12-2021, 10:29 PM)lilim Wrote: I see the manga is already doing the usual 'make impossible archetypes' with ants.
Doesn't seem like that to me, tbh. The manga's just seeming extremely lazy with... everything, really. They barely draw the cards or explain their effects (it's been pretty tough to try to guess the manga original cards' effects for the Wiki articles lol). Jango says "my ants" and stuff like that, but his cards could simply support Insect monsters instead, which would be pretty much how they would work if they got released in the future.

Also kinda bummed that there was /another/ error in this chapter - Dragolite with 1000 ATK. I don't even feel like complaining anymore, it's become the usual by now. Fakepalm

Looks like Galient already showed up, so he's very possibly the next opponent. Feels kinda early for him to be defeated, but if we're going with 6-chapter arcs, guess that'd make sense. Probably gonna be Jango - Galient - Zomyoji - Chevelle - then a two-parter for Asana.

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