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This is the changelog thread pertaining to the forum itself: changes regarding the forum structure, mod installations, that sort of stuff.
We made some changes to delivering updates and implementations regarding the forum and its staff. The original Changelog thread has been archived, while the Bug & Error Report and Forum Changes/Updates Feedback thread can be located in the Suggestions, Questions & Feedback forum. (Formerly "Suggestions".) Hopefully this helps to keep the updates more organized and not post every kind of change in one thread.

Furthermore, members cannot post in this forum as noted in the announcement above, only read this section to keep the threads free of chatter. However, Moderators and future Staff members (e.g., for the eventual Main Site) can post in these sections when necessary.

To sum it up, the following changes have been made:
  • The original Changelog thread has been archived. (i.e., removed, but not deleted) The new Changelog model has been implemented as the "Changelogs and Updates" subforum.
  • The Announcements & News forum has a description now.
  • The "Suggestions" forum is now known as "Suggestions, Questions & Feedback". It also had its description changed accordingly.
  • The Forum Changes/Updates Feedback thread and the Bug & Error Report thread have been moved to said forum.
  • The Rules & Policies forum's description had a minor change: "...the way the forum is being run by the community managers." ⇨ "...the way the community is being run by its Staff."
  • The "General Yugioh Discussion" forum has been renamed to "General Yu-Gi-Oh! Discussion".
  • We had a major forum bug yesterday which was thankfully fixed in a short timespan. Apologies for any inconveniences caused by this. (Announcement thread: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewforum.php?f=86</a><!-- l -->)
  • Shadowfang optimized the forum database in addition after said bug was fixed, which should decrease the amount of 500/503 errors and decrease the forum load time.
  • As it stands, it appears the forum now also properly marks read posts/forums as read, instead of reverting back to unread (red icon) all the time.
After an eternity, I (yes, me!) bring you mod updates! (With Shadowfang's help.)

Convert quoted images to url

Works with:

Moderators Needed

Works with:

NV advanced last topic titles (Yes, you can see the recent thread titles once again!)

Works with:

That's all for today, hopefully more to follow! <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/NAC_Smiley_Pack_Default/biggrin.gif" alt="Big Grin" title="Grin" /><!-- sBig Grin -->
Welp, thanks to Xenoblade, I missed out on today's training, so not much happened today. D: On the flip side, Shadowfang updated the Tapatalk plugin. Smartphone and tablet users shall rejoice!
As stated in the anniversary thread, you guys may use bigger and better avatars now.

Quote:Maximum dimensions; width: 200 pixels, height: 200 pixels, file size: 100.00 KiB.
A thread for nickname changes and such requests now exists here: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2092&p=105731#p105731</a><!-- l -->
Ugh, I just approved nearly 40 accounts and nuked 10 of them (Proxy Servers)

Sorry guys! I was unaware no one was dealing with the issue recently.
After three months of considerable hiatus, I'm back in action and ready to go!
Warnings given to users now expire in 365 days instead of the default 90.
The minimum character requirement for posts and PMs have been bumped up to 10 characters instead of the default 1. This was done to reduce the amount of spam worthy, one word etc. posts.
Sorry guys, Geno's been somewhat absent as of late (she activates the accounts of new users) and thus I came across a bundle of accounts in the queue. Sorry about the wait! I've activated everyone on the list.
Vanguard Deck Forum added. Please use it so I don't have to delete it, guys.
There's a new forum called Other Card Games. This is where you can discuss other TCGs that are not Yugioh or Vanguard.

The Artworks forum has been renamed to "Artwork, Music and Programing" so you can show off more kinds of things.
And I'm moving the other Media subforums to the new Category.

And done.
ReaperRuler is now the Moderator of the Current Events section.
New smileys have been added. Check this thread for more details: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2458</a><!-- l -->
In accordance to some of the feedback in the End of the Year Survey, I have made a few changes!
  • Renamed the Download sections to actually have "Downloads" in their name. While the category says "Download Area", people may overlook this, thus making the section's presence confusing.
  • Added a new profile field for genders! The field is optional just like every other profile field, and you can choose "Unspecified" if you don't feel like revealing your gender to the community. The ugly part is that I didn't bother entering the translations for every language pack. I don't know how many people actually use the language packs here, but if anyone is bothered by the options being in English, translate the options for me (because hell if I know how "Other" and "Unspecified" may translate for every language) and I'll gladly fix it. <!-- sCookie Monster --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/NAC_Smiley_Pack_Default/cm.gif" alt="Cookie Monster" title="Cookie Monster" /><!-- sCookie Monster -->
Added a Site Staff group to the forum in order to prepare for the main site of the community. We'll announce more in regards to this in the future, so keep an eye out!
Assigned Moderators to some of the sections:

5D's Anime: GoldenUmi
Toei Anime: ScarletWeather
Artwork, Music and Programming: ScarletWeather
Fan Clubs: ScarletWeather
Other Anime and Manga: Lord_Zedd
Other Video Games: Lord_Zedd
Other Media: Lord_Zedd and email addresses have been banned from being used due to being a disposable email address, as well as being used by a persistent troublemaker. addresses also bite the dust.
The Yu-Gi-Oh! section descriptions have been rewritten into something more tasteful.
Changed YGO Tradiing to General Trading and shuffled Fan Activities around a bit.
Huge change:
- Toei Forum, R Manga Threads and DM Manga Threads melded into the new Duel Monsters Section
- Same for the GX Forum
- Same for the 5D's Forum
- ZEXAL Forum restructured to be somewhat more user friendly.
- Deck Discussion for YGO made a main forum
- Manga Forum deleted, remaining threads moved to General YGO Discussion
- Analysis Forum delted, threads moved to General YGO Discussion

If anyone has complaints, take them here:
<!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=5&t=998</a><!-- l -->
Other Card Games transformed into Other Tabletop Games. Feel free to discuss Dice and Paper Games, Chess, Mahjong, et al.
Restructured the Vanguard Section a bit. (Mostly to help reduce the unholy large number of stickies in the CCG Section).
Avatar settings have been changed. Max width is now 250 pixels instead of 200, height stays the same (200). Size requirements are still the same (100 KiB).

Signature link limits have been increased from 10 to 12 as well.
I've changed the user activation settings as I've formerly altered them due to a security measure to slow down certain ban evaders. Thus, I've activated ~250 or so pending accounts. Sorry guys, if you weren't able to before, you should be able to use your accounts now.
While the forum has been adjusted to be viewable by guests as well, some sections have been limited to members only. (Notably the ZEXAL and ARC-V sections)
Spoiler codes should work again due to a spoiler plugin installed. Old spoiler codes have also been converted so they are no longer broken. The toggle part next to those should not appear (contrary to the ones below), but should be functioning nonetheless.

[spoiler]This is a spoiler.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=This is a spoiler]This is a spoiler.[/spoiler]

Both variations work, but they do not appear in the editor unfortunately.
I've noticed an enormous amount of self post deleting that included threads getting axed as well. Probably because it counts as a self post, but deletion of the OP = thread goes boom is my guess. That's way too much power for regular users since phpBB only allowed the deletion of your posts if someone else hasn't posted after you yet. I'm taking away the ability to delete your posts and threads, period. Self deletion should no longer be possible - posts can still be edited.

If anyone wants their stuff removed for whatever reason, PM one of the admins instead. Thank you.

Posts already self deleted will not be restored forcefully, however. Just don't do it anymore.
If anyone wants their soft deleted posts/threads restored, let us know.

In case you deleted your posts due to broken code - Shadowfang is working on a fix, please be patient. They will be more or less fixed eventually, or at the least we'll try fixing it.
Double post merge feature removed.
Username Change and Thank/Like Plugin installed.

(06-03-2015, 01:12 PM)Arynis Wrote: [ -> ]Alright, I've installed 2 plugins to the forum to make things smoother and better.

One of these is an Username Changes plugin. What it does is that it tracks username changes on one's profile, so there's no need to read back on the Nickname Changes thread. Instead, you can just view the changelog on an user's profile. On a smaller extent, it also puts a limit on nickname changes (1 week) and we approve or reject the change from the Admin Control Panel. It essentially obsoletes our nickname change thread to allow for a smoother process.

The other plugin is the Thank/Like Plugin as an improvement over the default reputation system (which supposedly has its bugs as well). We went with "Like" as per the vote in the feedback thread. Though, if you wish, just call it the Cookie/Koolaid/Kudos/whatever button to yourself. It's enabled in every forum section, you may like posts in Locked threads if you want for whatever reason, and if you choose to do so, remove a Like from a post you already Liked.

If anyone has any questions about these, feel free to post.
Small change, but adjusted the stars in the postbit based on your usertitle. Staff will always have 10-8 stars. Stars will gradually grow with each post requirement, capping out at 7 stars starting from 4000 posts and above.

Usertitles and post requirements at the time of posting:

[Image: tm1f7PS.png]
This is a small thing, but the favicon has been updated to look more like a gear, instead of my shitty attempt at pixel art. It might take a while to update, go to and refresh until you see it, so it's cached and all.
Second part of plugin update shenanigans.

Tapatalk and the Thank You/Like plugin were updated to their most recent versions.

The following plugins have been added:

Style Usernames
Now usernames are formatted accordingly outside the threads and the Who's Online section.

View Unread Posts
Similar to phpBB, you can now see which posts have been unread since your last visit. You can find it at the top like this. Works for both themes. MyProfile
This is the visitor message system similar from vBulletin - it was an oft requested feature and now it's back! Friendlist and latest visitors are displayed on your profile, as well as the ability to message people rather than having to go straight to PMs.

A few things to note:
When replying to someone, the reply will appear on their profile, not after the comment you were replying to!
You cannot track messaging between X and Y ala vBulletin. (I think.)

You can set up your comment settings in your User CP: Your Profile -> Edit Options. Looks like this:

My Profile
Allow comments on my profile.
Who can leave comments on my profile?
 Nobody Buddy list Any registered user 
I should approve comments before they are published on my profile.
Receive a notification when someone leaves a comment on my profile.
Restructured YGO Section a tiny tad.

Added a Tournament Section and a Video Games/Online Simulators section underneath Card Game Discussion.
Nickname change time limit has been changed from 1 week to 1 year. In other words, better give it a good think or you're stuck with that name for a whole year.
Search Bots got their own usergroup to crawl the forum. The forum should be properly indexed now.
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