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Full Version: Staff Updates
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This topic is pertaining to changes in the community staff, such as demotions, promotions and resignations, as well as reasons where applicable.
By his decision, Dark Raku has decided to resign from his position as moderator.
Thanks for all the work you done, and we hope we still see you around.
GoldenUmi has been demoted from an Admin position to Moderator and is in charge of the downloads . He may get other areas if he prefers in the future, and of course, we'll let you guys know if it happens.

Reason for this is that GU is really busy in real life and felt that he would be more suited for a different role.
Natsuari was removed from the team due to inactivity.
YaminoRPG has been demoted from his Global Moderator status after talking to him about his activity, which he is unable to fulfill due to being extremely busy. We both thought that finding a more active Global Mod in the future might be for the best.

Good luck with everything RPG!
MephistoDP has been reassigned to Site Staff position. He no longer moderates the 5D's and Zexal forums.

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The new staff members have been chosen! See this thread for the announcement!

We also had a few changes with our current staff.
  • Aea has been demoted as he resigned by his own decision. Thank you for all your help, good luck with sorting out everything you need!
  • Ragna has been appointed as a Moderator for the Manga forum to replace Aea.

The new staff members are the following:

Kahu for Global Moderator
Starry for Global Moderator
Johnny Raptor for Moderator of the Zexal Anime Forum
3XXXDDD for Moderator of the Other Card Games section and the Vanguard forums

Thanks to everyone for applying!
Kitten is now the Moderator of the RPG Forum!
3XXXDDD has been relieved of all moderator duties, as the Administrators felt that he no longer fitting for his position.
Kitten has been demoted from her staff position due to inactivity.
Kankuяou and Gato have been promoted to Moderator Status so that they can oversee the Japan section.

(Please don't let it die this time, gaiz.)
Let's all give a big round of applause to ヤミ女王の闇 who will be helping to cover the ZEXAL section and Download sections.
Ragna has requested to be demoted, as he felt he could no longer be around for the forum and the community.

You'll be missed Ragna, thanks for the fun times and the memories. ^^
ThatPandaGuy is now a mod for the Future Card Buddyfight section.

Best of luck to him!
Not that much of a change, but after a discussion with Shadowfang, I was allowed to change my usertitle to a more appropriate one.
We have done some staff changes today.

We have disbanded the Site Staff position. Unfortunately the Main Site project has never gone anywhere, and frankly I lost interest in coordinating the project myself without any volunteers to help out.

We have demoted several staff members due to being inactive, or not having logged in to the forum for a longer time. These members are Kahun, Starry, Gato and FelGrand.

ThatPandaGuy has been demoted since the Buddyfight section is relatively calm and only has a mild level of activity.
MystikX has been promoted to a Global Moderator, to deal with more things on the forum.

Johnny and ScarletWeather have both been demoted due to lack of need for their sections being mostly calm or inactive.
Yami has been promoted to a Global Moderator, to more flexibly allow the staff to deal with problems, and well, edit in links as needed.
The following Moderators have been assigned to the following sections.


Card Game News
Deck Discussion and Critiques
Yu-Gi-Oh! (Duel Monsters)


General Yu-Gi-Oh! Discussion
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX
Yu-Gi-Oh! (Duel Monsters)


Other Tabletop Games
Intelligent Debates