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We're Moving! - NeoArkadia - 02-17-2023

Okay, folks!

We're gonna be moving NAC (the Forum) to a new server host soon.

Some minor forum upgrades, chiefly back end stuff, will be addressed, including SSL.

And there may be some interruption of service, but no worries. Things will keep trucking along.

Further details will be provided as they become available!

RE: We're Moving! - NeoArkadia - 02-24-2023

Okay, move is sometime this weekend.

There'll be several hours of downtime, so no worries, it's just the site taking the Oregon Trail to a new home.

As mentioned, details will be provided as they become available.

RE: We're Moving! - realcomptoncityg - 06-18-2023

Any updates?

RE: We're Moving! - NeoArkadia - 07-07-2023

Move is still intended, but basically key parties needed to perform the move keep non-maliciously missing each other like ships in the night.

RE: We're Moving! - NeoArkadia - 01-14-2024

And the move's finally done.