Regarding the Arc-V 46 Thread and the Forum's Warning System
There seems to be confusion of why TerrorKing was ultimately banned. Contrary to some people's beliefs, he was not ultimately banned for his criticism of Arc-V. What happened was:

• One of our members reported the post for basically being inflammatory/trolling/trying to stir up trouble.

• MystikX took the report sent to us via the member and examined the post.

• Having noticed behavior in previous threads, TerrorKing was warned for what was judged by him (Mystik) to be inflammatory behavior (yes he was criticizing but he was judged on past behavior to be doing it specifically to give everyone else on the forum a hard time and a less enjoyable experience, rather than to engage in civil conversation with his fellow peers.)

• Because TerrorKing had accumulated two prior warnings within the last two months, he reached his third warning.

• Our forum has a six strikes system. Here's how it works:
* The First Two Warnings are basically to ask you guys to reflect on behavior. We will try to PM members civilly first to clear up the air, but if behavior repeats, we give out warnings.

* Upon the third warning, a member will be denied access (i.e. banned) to the forum for one day.

* If they accumulate a fourth warning, said member gets a week off from being allowed to join.

* If they get a fifth, we remove the member from access for a month.

* If a member is unlucky enough to accumulate 6 warnings in one year (i.e. 365 days), they will be permanently denied access to Neo Ark Cradle as a member under current policy.

• As a note to the above, if you use an alternate account/VIP/etc. to get around your ban, our policy is to ban the offending alternate account for allowing the member evasion of their bans, and permanently ban the original account. This is true even for the one day ban.

So ultimately, TerrorKing was basically told to sit out for a day. If he wishes to return and contribute positively to the forum, he is more than welcome. If he does not, that is his choice.

Any questions?
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