Do you like the forum? Now you can support us via Tapatalk! + Future Plans
You can pay with Paypal if you don't want to give your card information directly to the site. Though, that means giving your card info to Paypal.

These pages should be helpful in regards to explaining how Patreon handles their information: Also, for any other questions you may have in regards to pledging.

We get money from Tapatalk through their ads, provided we hit said threshold. Though, that involves ads, if you are icky about them.

Either way, both methods possess a risk, depending on how you look at it. So it's up to you which method you prefer.

Patreon should be pretty safe, even though they have been attacked before, but no private data has been collected. You can donate a set amount of money, lowest is $1. With Tapatalk, we get money based on how much our site is browsed via Tapatalk. If there's not enough usage, we won't hit the threshold and get the money.

Becoming our Patron gets you a special username color and access to a Patron only subforum. In the future, I'm planning to look into granting Patrons exclusive forum themes as well, but that's dependent on how much CSS I learn over time, in case theme customization is required. Either way, we're pretty open to suggestions in regards to what to grant Patrons for their support (provided it's doable with the forum software).

Tapatalk users get, well... being able to browse the forum conveniently on their devices and a big thank you from us. The passive support is just a nice extra alongside Patreon.
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