Time Travel Glitch
For the next 12 hours or so, when we post something, if posted in a topic that existed BEFORE the move, chances are your post will show up in the middle of the thread.

Sorry about that, but it will fix itself in 12 hours or so and all threads will go back to normal. Meanwhile, you can keep posting without problems in new threads, and even old threads, just remember your post won't be listed as the newest because of the way the dates are setup.

Again, this problem will fix itself in 12 hours or so.

Thanks for your understanding.
Fitting glitch, considering the forum name. Annoying, but still fitting.
And once I’d be fed up with it, even my memories will be deleted
*goes Mr. Beaver* PARADOX!!
GoldenUmi Wrote:IT IS A PARADOX!

More like Paradox destroyed our past thus creating chaos in our present.
It's very confusing... Though not as confusing as spoilers not working. XD Luckily we won't have to deal with it much longer.
That glitch wouldn't happen, if the earth was flat... ^^ I did a time-travel today XD

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