Plugin Updates and Additions
Hi everyone!

Added a few more plugins today. Here's the information on them below. If anyone has any questions or errors to report, please do so in this thread!

(06-09-2015, 12:51 PM)Arynis Wrote: Second part of plugin update shenanigans.

Tapatalk and the Thank You/Like plugin were updated to their most recent versions.

The following plugins have been added:

Style Usernames
Now usernames are formatted accordingly outside the threads and the Who's Online section.

View Unread Posts
Similar to phpBB, you can now see which posts have been unread since your last visit. You can find it at the top like this. Works for both themes. MyProfile
This is the visitor message system similar from vBulletin - it was an oft requested feature and now it's back! Friendlist and latest visitors are displayed on your profile, as well as the ability to message people rather than having to go straight to PMs.

A few things to note:
When replying to someone, the reply will appear on their profile, not after the comment you were replying to!
You cannot track messaging between X and Y ala vBulletin. (I think.)

You can set up your comment settings in your User CP: Your Profile -> Edit Options. Looks like this:

My Profile
Allow comments on my profile.
Who can leave comments on my profile?
 Nobody Buddy list Any registered user 
I should approve comments before they are published on my profile.
Receive a notification when someone leaves a comment on my profile.
If you need to get in touch with me, please seek me out in the NAC Discord.


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