Issues with the site between 4:30 and 6:30 CET
Good morning,

TLDR: We had a little hiccup at 2:30 CET (3:30AM where I live) and allthough I get alerts to my phone for those kind of things, I didn't wake up to them until 4:30 CET (5:30AM here). Should be fixed now.

Our server ran low on memory. As we are currently running on the cheapest server our hosting provider has to offer, that means 512MB (Yes, I am aware that your phone probably has more than that, but AT&T doesn't allow us to host the forum from your phone. Thanks for offering, though)

It seems that, while our pretty name was still in interwebz limbo, a lot of search engines and most likely some less tech-savvy users were not accessing the site that much, so usage was pretty low. Now that it is available, usage has doubled.

The main part of our site using memory is our database; it stores stuff in memory before commiting it to disk for efficiency, in this case being efficient to the point of crashing. I have politely asked it to show some restraint in the future.

It's solved now and we'll be monitoring memory usage of the site to see how we can prevent this.

The good news is that this little downtime provided me with the time needed to do System maintenance for June, so that's done, too.

And now, time for a cup of coffee in the yard. The sun is up (or well, it never went down)



Edit: EET = CET+1
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