General Forum Rules

Our Code of Conduct and rules are listed here. We give out forum warnings in accordance to these rules. The following applies to the entire forum. Keep in mind that some of the forums may contain additional rules that you are required to follow. They are always sticky threads found in their respective sections. Please read them before you post in such forums.

NACR-000 General Warning
A warning that doesn't warrant a category.
  1. This is a general warning which may be used for cases of any rule infringement deemed deserving of a formal warning, but not warranting the full point assignment of a categorized Warning. The Staff Member giving this warning is obliged to specify which rule has been broken when this warning is given out.
NACR-001 Flaming, Trolling, Harassment, Personal Attacks
Play nice and don't be a dick.
  1. Flaming is defined as bashing, hostile and insulting interaction. Do not flame other users.
  2. Trolling is defined as posting with the intent to derail a discussion off-topic, disrupt the conversation or to provoke the members into an emotional response. Trolling other users is not allowed.
  3. Do not cause chaos by baiting the staff with your behavior. (i.e. get the staff's attention and rile them up) Doing so may lead to getting banned.
  4. Please do not publicly comment when disciplinary action is taken, particularly if it is to take pleasure in the action being taken. For example: comments along the lines of 'good riddance' upon the banning of a member are strictly discouraged, fostering a judgmental atmosphere, and often leading to derailment and disruption of threads. Equally, do not take it upon yourself to defend the actions of staff. The staff can speak for themselves, and will do so.
  5. Do not harass other members on the forum, Private Messages and reputation comments. If they say no, then back off and leave them alone. If you keep it up even after their declination, first time offenses will warrant a warning, while persistent harassment will result in a ban. Severe harassment may lead to harsher consequences.
  6. All discussion should be kept civil and polite. Debates may get heated at times, but you may not attack the person making the argument. Attack their argument only. Do not slip in insults or snark directed at other members. Not mentioning an user's name does not make a personal attack okay.
NACR-002 Advertisements
Don't advertise or spam links.
  1. Blatant advertising and spamming links to other sites or products is not allowed. Posts breaking this rule will be deleted, while spambots will have their accounts removed without question.
  2. Posting links to official websites and Wikis for educational or informational purposes are okay, so is advertising fan projects.
  3. Fan projects include group projects, artwork and fanfiction, and any project involving one or more people centered around the franchise not done for commercial purposes. However, please keep personal links in your forum signature or the website link in your profile.
NACR-003 Unapproved File Sharing
No filesharing outside the designated source, don't use others' art without permission.
  1. Links to unapproved torrents or direct downloads are forbidden.
  2. Download links should be shared only within the download forum, where they are limited only to works relating to Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardfight!! Vanguard, or the works of their authors. Only download links may be shared, no files may be uploaded onto the forum itself.
  3. When posting content which was not created by you, please credit the original creator and the original source of the work. This includes pictures from Deviantart or Pixiv. 
  4. Do not pass off others' artwork as your own, if we discover you are passing someone else's work off as your own, severe action will be taken.
  5. If you wish to make edits to a piece of art, etc, for use in your signature, or elsewhere on the forum, please ask the original creator's permission first. If you are refused, it is advised you do not use that piece on the forum.
NACR-004 Encouraging Illegal Behaviors
No promotion of illegal behavior.
  1. Encouraging and rallying people to commit crimes, promoting piracy, inciting and suggesting violence and/or murder is strictly prohibited.
NACR-005 Importing/Exporting Drama
Don't start crap here or bring outside crap in here.
  1. Do not use this forum as a springboard for launching a war, a raid or a crusade on another community(ies). Doing so will result in a ban for the member(s) involved.
  2. In addition, do not import drama from other communities to ours. Doing so will also result in a ban for the member(s) involved. What starts in a community stays in a community.
NACR-006 Inappropriate Language and Profanity
No excessive swearing or slurs.
  1. We don't mind swearing or the occasional curse word, but that does not excuse excessive profanity in your post.
  2. Furthermore, racism, bigotry and homophobia are forbidden and committing them will result in a warning and the offending post getting deleted.
NACR-007 Posting Inappropriate Websites and Images
No NSFW stuff, keep it work/kid friendly.
  1. Do not post in the public or in Private Messages:
  • Pornographic material or images.
  • Hate Speech
  • Gross out material or images. (Shock sites, etc.)
  • Links to sites dealing with information on how to perform or create: Viruses, Cracking or Malware.
NOTE: On the subject of generally NSFW (Not Safe For Work) material, ask yourself if you would get in trouble if you were seen viewing said material at work, school, or other public places. All NSFW material must be posted as a link with a warning attached. Posting them under a spoiler tag is not allowed.

NACR-008 Sexual Content
We aren't prudes, but don't turn discussions too sleazy.
  1. References to some matters of a sexual nature are permitted, provided they are used in a context befitting a casual conversation. However, if a discussion becomes too overtly sexual, or appears predatory towards people, real or fictional, the posts will be deemed inappropriate, and will not be tolerated. This includes:
  • Pointing out and paying express attention to a person/character's physical features in a sexual context. This is specifically aimed towards mention of a person/character's breasts, legs, and crotch.
  • Alluding to sexual acts or sexual violence towards a person/character.
  • Posting pictures of a person/character in a sexual context, or to aim the topic towards sexual discussion. See also, NACR-007.
NOTE: The action taken regarding the issues outlined above will be more severe when related to underage people/characters. This forum has a zero-tolerance policy on the sexualization of minors. See our Forum Policies.

NACR-009 Spamming / Flooding
Quote only relevant parts, make sure your posts have depth, make sure your posts are decently readable.
  1. If you quote a long message, do not reply to it with a one sentence reply. Doing this needlessly stretches the page. Quote only the relevant parts you are replying to, or just quote the first part of the post to indicate which post you are replying to. 
  2. Don't post pointless messages. If you cannot contribute something to the discussion, or have a strong opinion to express, it is better not to post. Comments such as 'That's awesome!' or 'I disliked this episode' as stand alone posts are considered spam.
  3. Try to use a decent standard of punctuation and grammar. We understand that English may not be the first language of all our members, but if we cannot understand your post, it will likely be considered spam. Try to do your best to make yourself understood.
  4. Refrain from double posting (classified as posting your first reply, then posting another question in a second reply just a few minutes later, directly after your previous post). If there is something you want to add in your post, use the Edit button to add anything you may have wanted to in the last minute but forgot to. 
  5. Double posting may be permitted if you are posting new information on a topic or keeping people updated regarding a project and nobody else posted in at least a few hours. Furthermore, the staff will remove double posts without question, as soon as they come across them. The content of the second post will usually be edited into the initial post, and the second post deleted.
  6. If you happen to make duplicates of a post or a thread (due to connection lag, forum glitching, etc.), the duplicate with the least replies/views will be deleted by the staff. Note that this will not affect the post you have made, only to cut down on the duplicate post or thread. 
NACR-010 Thread Derails
Stay on-topic.
  1. Thread derails are allowed to an extent as long as the conversation stays civil and the conversation returns to the main topic after a while. Off-topic discussion which is relevant to the main topic's discussion is allowed, provided the conversation will return to the main topic.
  2. If the discussion warrants it, the off-topic discussion may be split into a new thread.
  3. Severe off-topic discussion which does not return to the main topic (read: after a few pages, that's 40-80 posts by default) will result in the thread to be locked. In short, you are allowed to have fun as long as no one is a jerk to each other, and as long as the thread isn't wrecked and the discussion returns to normal eventually.
If you need to get in touch with me, please seek me out in the NAC Discord.

NACR-011 Forum Staff Harassment
Do not harass staff. Report staff behavior in private, don't start things in public.
  1. Nagging or harassing the staff is not allowed.
  2. If you have any particular issues with a specific staff member's behavior, either in general or by a particular disciplinary action taken, please report the issue to the other staff via PM or the report function. Please avoid posting within threads about such matters, as it derails threads and invites outside member involvement, which quickly makes the situation messy and difficult to deal with. General concerns with policy, etc may still be addressed in the Feedback forum.
NACR-012 Compromised Accounts
Don't get your account hijacked or cracked.
  1. If your account has been cracked into, especially one of the staff, it will be banned as quickly as possible to prevent impersonation and possible misuse of power. After your account has been secured, you may request it to get it back.
  2. This type of ban will not count on your record, but repeated compromising may result in a permanent ban for the account in question.
  3. Do not share your accounts with anyone. Doing so will lead to the account being permanently banned.
NACR-013 Account Limit
One account only.
  1. [A1] Do not create multiple accounts to evade your ban. Doing so will either lengthen your temporary ban or make it a permanent ban. Repeated offenses will lead to harsher consequences.
  2. [A2] Members may not post on-behalf of a banned member. Unless there has been an explicit request from, or permission granted by, the staff, posting a message from a banned user in the public forum is strongly discouraged. If a banned member wishes to discuss their ban with the staff, they may do so via the forum email. 
  3. [-B-] You may have only one account on this forum. Unless you have permission, do not make extra accounts.
NACR-014 Cracking, Hacking and Technological Attacks
No technological attacks.
  1. Any discussion of, or attempt at cracking, hacking or other cyber attacks on an organisation or individual is strictly forbidden. If you are found to have attempted any of the above on the forum, you will be immediately and permanently banned.
  2. Please keep up to date with your anti-virus software. We've had cases in the past were we've been subject to DDOS attacks as a result of a forum member's computer being infected with a malicious program. If an attack is found to be coming from your IP address, you will be banned. If the cause of the attack can be determined and resolved however, that ban may be undone.
NACR-015 Impersonation
Don't be someone else.
  1. Any attempts to impersonate another member of the community are strictly forbidden. As well as overt statements of claiming another's identity, instances such as consistently changing one's avatar to match another member, etc will be thoroughly investigated. Confirmed instances of impersonation will result in a ban.
NACR-016 Inappropriate Nicknames
No sleazy nicknames.
  1. Any nicknames deemed inappropriate due to sexual content, excessive curse words or use of slurs may be forcibly changed by the staff, and the member in question will receive a warning, and be asked to create a new nickname within the rules. Staff reserve the right to refuse to change an existing nickname on request if the new one is deemed inappropriate. Repeated requests for inappropriate nickname changes may also result in a warning.
NACR-017 Staff Behavior and Abuse of Power
Report abusive staff in private only.
  1. Of course, staff are not above the rules, and are subject to them just the same as the general memberbase. Issues with staff behavior within the general rules should be reported by the usual methods, or via a PM to another staff member. Suspected abuses of power should be reported to one of the admins via PM. These issues will usually be resolved internally amongst the staff.
NACR-018 Other
Don't try loopholes.
  1. Occasionally, behavior deemed unacceptable will arise that is not explicitly covered by the rules. In this scenario, the offending user may receive a warning classified as "Other", with some clarification as to their offence. If such instances arise, the staff will endeavor to update the rules to cover the new scenario. 

On Rules Updates

The rules may be altered in terms of content or be redefined at any time to keep the forum and a safer and better place for our members. Whenever a change is made, an announcement will be posted for every member to see. If this happens, please take your time to read the revised or additional content.

Last Revised
17th of June, 2015
If you need to get in touch with me, please seek me out in the NAC Discord.

I didn't think this was necessary because we're generally all fairly chill cool people, despite any arguments here.

NAC Common Sense Addendum 1
"No trying to bottle neck files. Either provide them for all or for none. Attempts to do so will result in revoked PM Privileges."

Also it leads to warnings. Probably of the Other column
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If you didn't have such strong ideas about where the story should go, you wouldn't end up so disappointed when the writers have other ideas.

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