Forum Warnings and Levels

These are the specifics behind the rule violations, as well as when bans kick in.

Every user starts at 0 points (0% Warning Level). Here are the points one may receive for a specific offense, as well their expiry duration.

[Image: mSDjweW.png]

Warning Levels are set accordingly:
30 Points (50%) - 1 Day Ban
40 Points (66%) - 1 Week Ban
50 Points (83%) - 1 Month Ban
60 Points (100%) - Permanent Ban

[Image: V8sVZF1.png] 

On Rules Updates
The rules may be altered in terms of content or be redefined at any time to keep the forum and a safer and better place for our members. Whenever a change is made, an announcement will be posted for every member to see. If this happens, please take your time to read the revised or additional content.

Last Revised
19th of February, 2017
If you need to get in touch with me, please seek me out in the NAC Discord.

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