Forum Rules Updated & Reinitialized
In other words, the Thunderdome era is over.

Admittedly I should have done this ages ago, but I've been busy and slow, so the late re-implementation of the forum rules are on me.

Everything can be now once again found here:

Everything more or less stayed the same, with a few smaller additions here and there.

Forum Policies: PM Policy and Lolicon/Shotacon/Child Porn policy stayed the same. Note that you cannot report PMs at the time due to Shadowfang needing to implement said plugin, but that bit of the policy will be live when said plugin is implemented.

Forum Guidelines: Everything stayed roughly the same. Signatures are no longer limited like they were on phpBB, so we'll take our judgment if a signature might be interfering with forum browsing (e.g., tons of animated gifs, huge ass images). We'll contact you first in cases like this, so no one will get warned or nuked for such matters, unless you're actually violating forum rules. Furthermore, copying users' avatars and signatures are discouraged. By this, I mean someone using the exact same avatar picture I presently have, using images of said character would be okay though.

Forum Rules: No new major additions, just added a fancier formatting and a TL;DR below each title to summarize each offense. However, take note of these changes:

Quote:If you have any particular issues with a specific staff member's behavior, either in general or by a particular disciplinary action taken, please report the issue to the other staff via PM or the report function. Please avoid posting within threads about such matters, as it derails threads and invites outside member involvement, which quickly makes the situation messy and difficult to deal with. General concerns with policy, etc may still be addressed in the Feedback forum. 

Do not comment on staff behavior and decisions in the public. If there's an issue, please PM a staff member or contact us via the Contact Us form.

Account Limits had an addition:

Quote:[A2] Members may not post on-behalf of a banned member. Unless there has been an explicit request from, or permission granted by, the staff, posting a message from a banned user in the public forum is strongly discouraged. If a banned member wishes to discuss their ban with the staff, they may do so via the forum email.

No "I've been banned but I wanted to say this" excuses. You were banned for a reason. Members cooperating with a banned member this way will be punished. Do not post for banned people. If someone's been banned and wants to have their say, they may do so via the Contact Us form at the bottom.

Forum Warning Levels: Due to our move from phpBB to MyBB, the warning system has been revamped entirely, as you can see in this thread. Please check it out.

If anyone has any questions about the changes, please ask and comment.
If you need to get in touch with me, please seek me out in the NAC Discord.


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