Plugin Updates - Some Good and Bad News
Hi everyone!

The good news is that I've updated the forum with two small plugins:
Shows the character count for posts. While most of us probably won't hit the 65535 character length, it might help fic writers. Or just be handy and useful trivia so you know how much you have written so far.
People often remarked the lack of a notification that appeared if someone posted while they were writing their replies. This addon aims to manage that. From what I've tested, it shows a notification in red text above the typing field (i.e., the area you write your post in) if someone posts. Hopefully it will work as intended!

The bad news... I broke part of the forum code. Apparently I axed the file for the plugin library while updating/installing the Style Usernames plugin. It means I cannot access the current plugins and (de)activate them, nor deal with said plugin. Unfortunately this means people's colored usernames will not show up on the forum listing, etc. However, your names are colored regardless, that is not lost! (e.g., I'm still red as an Admin with this post and on the online member list) Thankfully this is just a cosmetic plugin that made the colors more visible, so nothing of significance broke. Shadowfang let me know the missing file is no big deal, he should be able to fix it in the morning. So hopefully it will be back to normal ASAP.

I hope you guys enjoy the new plugins (as well as the updated smileys) and I apologize for nuking a small aspect of the forum. Sad
If you need to get in touch with me, please seek me out in the NAC Discord.

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