On Account Registrations
This thread summarizes things to know when you make an account at our forum. The aim of this thread is to clear up confusion and make everything smoother for everyone.

Neo Ark Cradle is a members only forum. As a Guest, you can only see a few parts of the Bureaucracy forum, such as the forum rules and important announcements. If you wish to view the rest of the forum, you need to make an user account. You can do so by registering.

After your registration is complete, you need to wait until an Administrator activates your account. Furthermore, you will receive an error that you cannot access the requested forum page - this is normal. User accounts awaiting activation don't have permission to view the forum until their account is activated. Formerly, users awaiting activation could see the forum contents but not post, but unfortunately we had to remove this permission due to past abuse. We apologize for the inconveniences caused by this change, as soon as your account is approved, you should be able to view and post on the forum without problems.

UPDATE 16/04/2017 - All you need to do now is verify your email. Once you do so, you should be able to browse the forums!

As an important note, Neo Ark Cradle has a policy that you may not have more than 1 account. (See Forum Rules: http://neoarkcradle.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=4902) Users violating this rule will be banned. Please do not make multiple accounts to get around user activation - you can't, as every account has to be approved by an admin. Please be patient and wait for your account to be activated. Furthermore, if you find yourself banned for no reason, chances you may have made duplicate accounts on the forum. If you have an account at the forum and have issues with resetting your password, please contact us using the Contact Us form: http://neoarkcradle.net/forum/contact.php

Lastly, spambots will be purged without mercy.

If you have any questions or inquiries about the forum, feel free to PM one of the Administrators except Shadowfang. Alternately, you may use the Contact Us form mentioned.

We hope you have a pleasant experience at our forum!
If you need to get in touch with me, please seek me out in the NAC Discord.

As noted here:

The rule exists to teeth kick members who are pretending to be, say, five different members. Or are one of many ban evaders who didn't like the fact we cut their access to the forum because they engaged in negative behavior.
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As of today, all you need to do to complete your registration is verifying your email: http://neoarkcradle.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=6565

Regardless, if anyone has any issues with their account, please let us know via the Contact Form, or Twitter (https://twitter.com/Neoarkcradle) or our Discord (https://discord.gg/J3YPfTQ).
If you need to get in touch with me, please seek me out in the NAC Discord.

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