Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!
The staff of Neo Ark Cradle wishes all of you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! We hope your holidays are going great. May 2016 be a fantastic year!
If you need to get in touch with me, please seek me out in the NAC Discord.

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Thanks! To you guys as well Big Grin

May it be another great year for this great forum
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I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season and terrific new year as well.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Remember, it is perfectly okay to celebrate with alcohol...as long as you don't overdo it like I usually do. Stay frosty and safe, y'all. XD
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Keep Smiling, Y'all.

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We can be both of god and the devil. Since we are trying to raise the dead against the stream of time! - Chris Vineyard

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for everyone!
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Happy holidays y'all!
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Happy Holidays, everyone. Hope everyone is having a good time.
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I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas with their loved ones and ate a lot of good food! Big Grin Hope y'all have a wonderful New Year's and may 2016 be an epic year for everybody.
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Happy holidays, guys Smile
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Happy New Year to all of Neo Ark Cradle! Greetings from Japan!
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Happy new year everyone! Will return tomorrow with a sore head no doubt...
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Little bit early for where I'm at right now, but a happy new year, everyone! All the best wishes and I hope you will have a great 2016!
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Happy New 2016 to everyone. Let it be happier and filled with more love and joy. Big Grin
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10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,yippee! It’s a New Year! Happy New Year Neo Ark Cradle! Big Grin
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Happy New Year everyone.

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Happy New Year to everyone Smile I hope you had/are having a good time Smile
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Happy New Year's everyone! I'm not the most interactive or frequent poster here, but I really love so many of you guys. Heart I hope 2016 will end up being one of the best years yet for every user here! Smile
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Happy new year guys.
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Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 2016 is a wonderful year for everyone.
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Happy New Years everybody!
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Happy Neo New Year!
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Happy new year, everyone! Hope 2016 brings good things for you all. (And with the new movie, we're off to a good start, haha.)
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Happy New Year's everyone. Have a wonderful and safe 2016! Big Grin
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Today(January 7th in my timezone), some of the Orthodox Christians(in Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, and some other Orthodox countries) celebrate Christmas, because their churches use Julian calendar for religious holidays. So, Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it today. If I may, in Serbia we greet each other by saying "Christ has been born" and the response is "It's true, he has been born".

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